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Rodolphus & Larsen Print

Rodolphus: AnimalHeart Series, Storyteller's Last Stand, The Wolf Doth Grin, Virus Z: Beginning of the End. Douglas Christian Larsen: Deceiving the Elect - Book 1: Quickening Dreams. Read excerpts from both Rodolphus and Douglas Christian Larsen novels, including two complete short stories, one by each author. This is the place to find links to all the places you can both read and own Rodolphus and Larsen, in all formats, hardback, paperback, on Nook, iBook, eBook, Kindle, and Kobo. Please feel free to share with others!

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Phantom Drive 1869 (free)
Even four years after the end of the Civil War the country is uneasy with rumors of the darkly impossible. A four-year cattle drive from Pennsylvania to Colorado will end at what will one day be known as "The Garden of the Gods." But can deathly secrets such as these remain buried? The first known appearance of the mysterious Government "man in black" is on hand to ensure that the grim, shambling things that had once been human stay buried, forever.

The Red Hand of the 49 (free)
A gathering place in dreams, or a more amazing reality? Lincoln cannot remember how or why he is here in this fellowship, and the ancient faces looking at him appear to expect something singular from him, but he does not know if he is dreaming or asleep. But something incredible is happening, he knows it in every fiber of his being, a curtain is drawing back, and the loud metronome of a vast clock sounds the seconds, and a stained-glass window above him shines in the guise of a powerful red hand. Have you ever dreamed of an odd meeting in a strange place, a dream so real it might possibly be real? This is the forty-nine, and time is dwindling short. Reality is even at the door.

Coincidental Prophecy (free)
What is coincidence? Could it be something more significant than pure chance, or accident? A chance encounter with a beggar in the middle of traffic may be the bridge to another reality, or multiple possible realities. Open your eyes, and see. It is time to awaken.

FREE Short Fiction Available on KindleNookiBook, and Kobo

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