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IN PRINT - Douglas Christian Larsen

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The BIG Book of Gospel Drama
Dramatic Parables - Volume I
by Douglas Christian Larsen

Skits, sketches, mimes and scripts, in the form of illuminated (and illuminating) Dramatic Parables. Everything you need for drama ministry, Dramatic Parables, God's method of teaching the Gospel. More than 30 complete scripts, with "How To" section on how to produce Christian plays, and a Bible study section presenting the case for parables and plays in a church setting. Dramatic Parables, teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Includes unresolved plays, mimes, comedies and tragedies, with always a parable, and storytelling making the difference.

Deceiving the Elect - Book 1
Quickening Dreams
by Douglas Christian Larsen

The story of a fellowship of world-weary people who hear the call of the still small voice, the call to a mystical quickening, their hearts and minds opening to the Ancient of Days and the whisper of Truth. It is also the tale of Jehovah’s Army (JA), a powerful new spiritual, political and mercenary juggernaut, forcefully shepherding all religions into one ecumenical force, marching under the banner of Christ. The first goal of JA: take back America for Jesus, and the next? Ultimately, the world. These men of God will usher in a new golden age of peace, under a new world order, where an anointed one will rule the world with a rod of iron. As the world sinks further into madness, a group of people brought together by the need for truth must stop religious fascism from taking control of the world in the new novel, Deceiving the Elect – Book 1: Quickening Dreams. Author Douglas Christian Larsen presents the first of a seven-part series about a new human revolution of the mind.

Set in a world that mirrors the present social climate, the first novel begins as a small group of unrelated people find themselves questioning all modernized dogma of organized religions after hearing a "still small voice" that wakens them in their dreams. World-weary ex-boxer Stacey Colton teeters on the edge of suicide until he hears the voice, which at first only seems to bring him trouble, leading him into an auto accident, which lands him in jail. On the other end of the accident, Bronte Chaplin, a music prodigy and dual victim of both a mind-control cult and an abusive ex-boyfriend, makes a prayer for the man of her dreams. Seconds later she is involved in an accident with Stacey. Instead of accepting his smiling face, she flees the scene.

Joshua Bouwer and Michael Potok are roommates and Sunday school teachers who have been searching 10 years for the "perfect church" to no avail. The two men are polar opposites. Joshua is a sloppy, seven-foot tall giant covered with a long beard and mountains of flesh. Michael is a small neat freak who has been shriveled by disease and childhood violence. Questioning whether there is a God, the two begin a Web site that investigates the teachings of false prophets and religious extremists. This work directly affects the Jehovah’s Army, a fascist group of religious extremists. Believing they were mandated by God to wage war on "the pagans," the army is commanded by an anointed one to create a global Christian theocracy that punishes the smallest infraction with swift, Old Testament justice. Buddy Nicodemus is a fervent soldier in this army who fervently lusts to stop these heretics, but his first confrontation with Stacey proves it is not going to be an easy task for either side to win.

How is it possible that intelligent, well-rounded, clear-thinking people can end up deathly silent on bunkbeds at Heaven's Gate, reduced to ashes at Waco, or a member of a New Age stadium-sized "mega church" robotically repeating whatever grade-school mantra they are commanded to chant? The "Deceiving the Elect" series explores how it is possible, that even the "elect" can be deceived, when they are willing to check in their intellect at the door, and invest their trust in a charismatic personality, and how the very best place for a cult to hide is right out in the open, bright-tailed and bushy-eyed, every Sunday morning. Conspiracy theories, whispers of illuminati and an ancient intelligence that has set in motion a 175-year deception to dazzle the entire world -- to deceive, if possible, the very elect of God. Would you utterly lose your faith in the Truth if millions of people suddenly vanished from our world? Christ warned, implicitly: "DO NOT BE DECEIVED."

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Think Tales
Contemporary Parables
by Douglas Christian Larsen

Seven modern-day parables to better understand perplexing issues faced today by both Christians and non-Christians, including how to connect Christians, despite themselves, to the Gospel of Christ. Also, how to begin to get a grasp on such baffling ideas as Creation, demons, prayer in public schools, global warming, stewardship, and heaven.

Free & Graceful Gifts
by Douglas Christian Larsen

Two strangers are selected for an amazing gift. Their lives will be utterly changed. Each man, however, will follow distinctly different paths and become leaders for distinctly different movements. A modern-day parable on stewardship, the Temple of the Holy Spirit, the Gospel, and free will (and, possibly, Global Warming!).

Fang & Claw - Tooth & Nail
the short fiction
by Rodolphus and Douglas Christian Larsen
Rodolphus and Larsen, together in one book for the very first time. Although very different writers, these two storytellers stir emotions, produce chills, and introduce people we soon know and love (and sometimes hate and fear). Collected here are such singular works as Fearsweat, wherein a supernatural stalker threatens an entire town. In My Father: The Killer, we meet a young man who has always believed the worst about his father, a famed terrorist. Interstate Chimes accompanies twins completing their separate destinies outside of time and space. We enter an amazing little girl's creative genius in Four-Leaf Clovers. And for a dark laugh (and scream) we ride along with The Dread Cowboy. Included herein is the unfinished Rodolphus master-work, the novella Contest Darkly which taps into the incredible world of Larsen's Vanya Song (a novel 40 years, and counting, in the making). Rodolphus and Larsen, like coffee and cream, or hemlock and wine, we experience a world incredibly dark, yet vividly bright.

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Phantom Drive 1869 (free)
Even four years after the end of the Civil War the country is uneasy with rumors of the darkly impossible. A four-year cattle drive from Pennsylvania to Colorado will end at what will one day be known as "The Garden of the Gods." But can deathly secrets such as these remain buried? The first known appearance of the mysterious Government "man in black" is on hand to ensure that the grim, shambling things that had once been human stay buried, forever.

The Red Hand of the 49 (free)
A gathering place in dreams, or a more amazing reality? Lincoln cannot remember how or why he is here in this fellowship, and the ancient faces looking at him appear to expect something singular from him, but he does not know if he is dreaming or asleep. But something incredible is happening, he knows it in every fiber of his being, a curtain is drawing back, and the loud metronome of a vast clock sounds the seconds, and a stained-glass window above him shines in the guise of a powerful red hand. Have you ever dreamed of an odd meeting in a strange place, a dream so real it might possibly be real? This is the forty-nine, and time is dwindling short. Reality is even at the door.

Coincidental Prophecy (free)
What is coincidence? Could it be something more significant than pure chance, or accident? A chance encounter with a beggar in the middle of traffic may be the bridge to another reality, or multiple possible realities. Open your eyes, and see. It is time to awaken.

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Free Novella by Douglas Christian Larsen - The Dragon & The Wolf

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Read FREE Sample Chapters of the Douglas Christian Larsen Novel:
Deceiving the Elect: Book 1 - Quickening Dreams

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