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The Dark Fiction of Rodolphus

AnimalHeart - Virus Z - Storyteller's Last Stand - The Wolf Doth Grin

The Dark Fiction of Rodolphus
The Dark Fiction of Rodolphus
the dark fiction of rodolphus

A family struggles to survive the zombie apocalypse. YA novel that brings terror back into the realm of zombie fiction.
A family struggles to survive the unthinkable, civilization destroyed, as 90 percent of the population suffers an almost instantaneous change, ravenously turning to consume the remainder of humanity. These are not silly zombies, or cardboard targets, not fun zombies, nor cute zombies, but animated things inspiring creeping flesh and surreality. This is a whole new world for the children, or what remains. This is not a zombie story about zombies having feelings, or fears, or hopes. This is the story about a family clinging to hope while facing the unimaginable made too real.
Virus Z is already here.
It is extremely catching.
Catch the Z.

Savor the young adult terror. The walking dead novel that seems too real, a little too probable, and entirely too personal. These are zombies, done right, the way you've always desired your zombie. Moment by moment, facing a reality too gruesome to acknowledge. Rodolphus makes it all too palpable, a visceral mind-feast, and "Virus Z" is not for the faint of heart, or stomach. The zombie apocalypse is possibly closer than anyone wishes to admit, but everyone acknowledges the deep sense building in their heart of hearts, that the unthinkable is beginning, even now. Virus Z: Beginning of the End, savor the terror. Frightful for the entire family!
Virus Z: Beginning of the End
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Perhaps the most violent novel ever written, with heroes, vampires, Blackguard, kingsman and evangelists.
A savage, violent, blood-drenched world produces the most terrifying villains. The universe answers with heroes and antiheroes in the cosmic conflict between evil and good. Flashing swords, rushing war speeders, poison, peril, giants, vampires, fighters and evangelists, Blackguard and fallen angels, Wolf and Bear, resounding with the clash of steel upon steel, the screams of the dying, and the faint blast of distant horns: it is a very dark world, but in steel halls of gloom, beauty yet survives. AnimalHeart, not for the faint of heart. A Rodolphus masterpiece.

Part 2 to the most violent story ever told, a grimly dark dystopian dream, but beauty survives in steel halls of gloom.
The savage and blood-drenched contest continues in Book 2 of the AnimalHeart Trilogy. Harrison Christopher slowly dissolves as Wolf emerges, or as the Blackguard have named him, AnimalHeart. Heretic or hero, Wolf just might be more than a match for the great evangelist, Rettlaw Neslar, even if Bear is forming an unholy union with King Jim. Sliver and snake, demon and dragon, speeder and fallen angel, AnimalHeart Book 2 rockets toward its bloody conclusion. It is a very dark world, but in steel halls of gloom, beauty yet survives. AnimalHeart, not for the faint of heart. Book two of the Rodolphus masterpiece trilogy. Book 3 to be released soon.
AnimalHeart - Book 2
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A rambunctious time-travel visit to Custer's Last Stand.
A wild and rambunctious visitation to that legendary knoll in what just could be the most accurate depiction of the Custer massacre, except for the gleaming and well-oiled pair of anachronistic .357 pistols, that is. Earth Mother and Daughters, over-pumped cueball torpedo assassins, what just might be a were-hyena, time travel, and the edgy dark humor of Rodolphus make for a frenzied, page-turning, entertaining read. George Armstrong Custer comes to vivid light and life. Storyteller's Last Stand is dark and scary and funny, and very well might be the ultimate last stand for storytellers the world over.
Storyteller's Last Stand
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The incarnation of guilt creeps into the old secret sin of best friends, and things go darkly wrong.
When Kory began his bizarre game of sexual one-upmanship, he never bargained on the ultimate price he and Clarence would pay, nor the terror that would relentlessly pursue them. Strange beings rustle through the dark woods and the painting of Natasha seems to breathe and move. The dark and angry eyes of the wolf draw near, guilt personified, and savage justice approaches. Justice draws nigh, and horror. Still, there might yet be time for a little dryad love. Rodolphus wrote "The Wolf Doth Grin" at the age of 21. Now for the first time in e-read, the dark romantic horror that is both hilarious and terrifying.
The Wolf Doth Grin
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Fang & Claw - Tooth & Nail
the short fiction
by Rodolphus and Douglas Christian Larsen
Rodolphus and Larsen, together in one book for the very first time. Although very different writers, these two storytellers stir emotions, produce chills, and introduce people we soon know and love (and sometimes hate and fear). Collected here are such singular works as Fearsweat, wherein a supernatural stalker threatens an entire town. In My Father: The Killer, we meet a young man who has always believed the worst about his father, a famed terrorist. Interstate Chimesaccompanies twins completing their separate destinies outside of time and space. We enter an amazing little girl's creative genius in Four-Leaf Clovers. And for a dark laugh (and scream) we ride along with The Dread Cowboy. Included herein is the unfinished Rodolphus master-work, the novella Contest Darkly which taps into the incredible world of Larsen's Vanya Song (a novel 40 years, and counting, in the making). Rodolphus and Larsen, like coffee and cream, or hemlock and wine, we experience a world incredibly dark, yet vividly bright.

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